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School Board

Monday, July 10, 2017

District Service Center

1224 3rd Street South, Aberdeen, SD


1.         Call to Order

2.         Pledge of Allegiance

3.         Roll Call

4.         Persons Wishing to Address the School Board

5.           Board Remarks

6.        *Approval of Minutes - June 9, 12 and 26, 2017

7.         Recess to Annual Meeting

8.         Reconvene Annual Meeting

9.       *Organization of the School Board
                 a.  Finance Director to Issue Oath to Newly Elected Members (Kevin Burckhard,
                       Aaron Schultz, Brian Sharp)
                 b.  Election of President of School Board
c.  Election of Vice President of School Board
d.  Set Date and Time for Regular School Board Meetings
                 e.  Appointment of Finance Director to serve as School Board Clerk, Custodian of all
                        District Funds, and Investment Officer for the District
                 f.   Establish Trust and Agency Accounts
                 g.  Acknowledge the Designation of Banks as Depositories for Funds of the District
                 h.  Authorization of Electronic Transfer
                 i.   Authorization of Counter-Signature
                 j.   Authorize Participation in the South Dakota Public Funds Investment Trust
                 k.  Authorize the Finance Director to Act as the Official Representative for all Federal                                              Funds
                 l.   Authorization of Crime Insurance Coverage
                 m. Appoint School Attorney
                 n.  Designate Official Newspaper
                 o.  Adopt Board Policies for 2017-2018 School Year
                 p.  Adopt all Building Faculty and Student Handbooks
                 q.  CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) Hearing
                 - Authorize Memberships:
                   *a. Authorize membership to South Dakota High School Activities Association
                    b. Authorize membership to Associated School Boards of South Dakota
                 - Appointment of Members to the Following Committees
                    a. Site Planning Board
                    b. City-Wide PTA Representative
                    c. Equalization Board
                    d. Negotiations
                    e. Wellness Committee
                    f.  Joint Planning Committee
                    g. Facility Improvement Committee
                    h. Calendar Committee
                 - Appointment of Truancy Officer
                 - Appointment of Title IX Officer
                 - Appointment of Public Records Officer
                 - Appointment of Homeless Liaison
                 - Appointment of HIPAA Privacy Officer
                 - Appointment of Age Discrimination Act Compliance Officer
                 - Appointment of Rehabilitation Act Section 504 Compliance Officer
                 - American with Disabilities Act Compliance Officer
                 - Appointment of Asbestos Compliance Officer
                 - Authorization for Prepayment of Bills
                 - Authorize Pay for School Board Members
                 - Publication of Salaries
                 - Publication of Asbestos Notification

10.     *Conflicts of Interest

11.     *Consent Agenda
                 *a. Approval of Financial Statement
                 *b. Approval of Bills and Payroll
                 *c. Approval of Personnel
                         1. Certified/Co-Curricular Resignation - Rose
                         2. Certified/Co-Curricular Approval
                 *d. Approval of Lincoln Kitchen Change Order 1
                 *e . Approval of Grant Application - Donor's Choose

12.       Approval of Agenda

13.       Reports of the Superintendent: Dr. Becky Guffin
                *a.  New Beginnings School Contract, Camille Kaul
                *b.  Juvenile Detention School Contract, Camille Kaul

14.       Adjournment

*Denotes Exhibit


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