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School Board

Monday, May 23, 2016

District Service Center

1224 3rd Street South, Aberdeen, SD

1.        Call to Order

2.        Pledge of Allegiance

3.        Roll Call

4.        Good News
           a.   Exchange Club of Aberdeen, Real Care Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby,
                 Jan Bohling and Don Peck
           b.   Dawn Seiler, 2016 South Dakota Girls Basketball Coach of the Year, Gene Brownell
           c.   Bikes for Books, Yelduz Shriner Devin Reints

5.        Persons Wishing to Address the School Board

6.        Board Remarks

7.        *Consent Agenda
               *a.  Approval of Bills
               *b.  Approval of Ratifications and Authorizations (under separate cover)
                       1. Open Enrollment Application #2017-6
                c.   Approval of Personnel
                       1. Certified/Co-Curricular Resignation - Fiegler
                       2. Certified/Co-Curricular Approval - Campbell - Scarborough
               *d.   Approval of Donation - Exchange Club of Aberdeen - Overhead Door
                        Company - Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation
               *e.   Approval of Grant Application - Fuel Up to Play 60 (Midwest Dairy Association)
               *f.    Approval of C. C. Lee Elementary School and Miscellaneous Concrete
                        Improvements Bid
               *g.    Approval of Culinary Institute/Swisher Fieldhouse Shingle Replacement Bid
               *h.    Approval of Policy Review, Policy GB

8.        Approval of Agenda

9.        Reports of the Superintendent, Dr. Becky Guffin
               *a.   First Reading/Revision Policy JJGA, JJGA-E, JJGA-R, Gene Brownell
                b.   School Based Prevention Services Update, Christina Lloyd
                c.   Mike Miller Elementary School Update, Bob Pitz
               *d.   First Reading/Revision Policy ECABA, ECABA-R, Marion Hartung
               *e.   First Reading/Revision Policy EI, Marion Hartung
              *f.    First Reading/Revision Policy JICG, Marion Hartung
               *g.   First Reading/Deletion Policy JICG-R, Marion Hartung
               *h.   First Reading/Revision Policy GBED, Marion Hartung
               *i.    First Reading/Deletion Policy GBED-R, Marion Hartung
               *j.    First Reading/Revision Policy GBEC, GBEC-E, GBEC-R, Marion Hartung
k.   First Reading/Revision Policy IKF-R, Colleen Murley
*l.    First Reading/Revision Policy ICHDA-R, Dr. Becky Guffin

10.     Adjournment

*        Denotes Exhibit

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