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Central High School Staff Directory

Staff Member Assignment
Dr. Jason Uttermark e-mail Principal
Jake Phillips e-mail Assistant Principal
Dawn Seiler e-mail Assistant Principal
Scott Pudwill e-mail A-TEC Director
Barry Hehn e-mail Counselor
Calvin Nygaard e-mail Counselor
Shannon Knuppe e-mail Counselor
Amy Hauge e-mail Strives/SPED Counselor
Jeremy Atkins e-mail Prevention Specialist
Gene Brownell e-mail Athletic Director
Susie Wakefield e-mail Registrar
Jeff Carlson e-mail Resource Officer
Brenda Heinert e-mail Nurse
Shelly Sutton e-mail Administrative Assistant
Michelle Kingsriter e-mail Administrative Assistant - Student Services
Michele Cogley e-mail Administrative Assistant
Mark Anderson e-mail Administrative Assistant
Linda White e-mail Project SEARCH Teacher
James Stearns e-mail New Beginnings School Teacher
Amy DeVries e-mail New Beginnings School Teacher
Carole Weigel e-mail JDC Teacher
Saundra Anderson e-mail Science
Jim Appl e-mail Language Arts
Susan Appl e-mail Music
Mikayla Arechigo e-mail Librarian
Douglas Barnes e-mail Spanish/Speech
Eric Becking e-mail Automotive Technology/
Auto Body
Shannon Bergan e-mail Science
Joseph Berns e-mail Orchestra
Renae Borchard e-mail Family & Consumer Science
Justin Briese e-mail Science
Sarah Brust e-mail Art
Hannah Carlson e-mail ESL
Steve Caron e-mail Math
Brad Christenson e-mail Math
Amber Dallmann e-mail Art
Stephanie Daly e-mail PE/Health
Teresa Deuter e-mail Language Arts
Amy Dix e-mail Science
Kevin Dix e-mail Math
Mike Flakus e-mail Business
Amber Frericks e-mail Language Arts
Marcy Fritz e-mail Health Science Careers/Health
Barb Glanzer e-mail Math
Jeanne Hansen e-mail Spanish
Kent Hansen e-mail Social Studies
Wayne Hansen e-mail Radio TV Production and Cable Channel Management
Cheryl Hanson e-mail Math
Charles Hermansen e-mail Science
Megan Howard e-mail Science
Christopher Jacobson e-mail Vocal Music
James Johnson e-mail Science
Elizabeth Ketterling e-mail Family & Consumer Science/ Health
Greg Kjellsen e-mail Math
Kerry Konda e-mail Social Studies / Debate
Mitch Kranz e-mail PE/Health
Cheyenne Leonhardt e-mail Agriculture
Jennifer Lofswold e-mail Language Arts
Alicia Malewicki e-mail PE/Health
Keith Mayer e-mail Math
Roger McCafferty e-mail Language Arts / Drama / Theater
Evelyn McQuillen e-mail Math
Terra McQuillen e-mail Language Arts
Brandt Munsen e-mail Business/Computer
Brad Naasz e-mail Business
Kaylla Nicholson e-mail PE / Health
Brent Norberg e-mail PE/Health
Dennis Northrup e-mail Social Studies
John Patzlaff e-mail Band
Lee Pederson e-mail Social Studies
Dawn Pederson e-mail Language Arts
Jane Perman e-mail Language Arts/French
Christian Pirlet e-mail Social Studies
Amy Rawerts e-mail Math
Kevin Rook e-mail Business/Social Studies
Maria Schaffhauser e-mail Family & Consumer Science
Jeremy Schutter e-mail Band
Nicole Siebrasse e-mail Social Studies
Brittany Smid e-mail Language Arts
Tiffany Straley e-mail Art
Lee Sumner e-mail Construction/Building Trades
Alyssa Ullrich e-mail Science
John Vogel e-mail Social Studies
Adam Wicks e-mail Welding/Machine Tool
Keith Wilkinson e-mail Social Studies
Special Education Staff  
Monica Beck e-mail Psych Examiner
Jessica Glodrey e-mail STRIVES
Sandy Grebner e-mail Resource Room
Jamie Portra e-mail Speech Pathologist
Mendy Jones e-mail Secondary SPED Coordinator
Josh Mach e-mail Project Skills Resource Room
Barb Nygaard e-mail Resource Room
Nicole Olson e-mail TLC
Jessica Papke e-mail Resource Room
Lucky Peterson e-mail Resource Room
Kim Schaunaman e-mail Resource Room
Jordan Stotz e-mail Achieve II
Educational Support Staff  
Carla Addison e-mail EA - Library
Rodney Barr e-mail Houseparent - ATEC
Jean Beckel e-mail EA One-on-one
Ashleigh Bina e-mail EA TLC
Susan Braun e-mail EA Achieve II
Megan Daniels e-mail Houseparent
Kathy Aske e-mail EA Achieve II
Amanda Heckroth e-mail Houseparent
Camelia Heminger e-mail EA Achieve II
Sheree Hogan e-mail EA Resource Room
Trent Kurtz e-mail EA Resource Room
Peggy Letcher e-mail EA Resource Room
Rose Long e-mail EA ESL
Courtney Marvel-Rydeen e-mail PAS Monitor 
Paula Mitchell e-mail EA Resource Room
Virginia Newquist e-mail EA Resource Room
Annika Padgett e-mail EA STRIVES
Carol Rutherford e-mail Houseparent
Amy Teply e-mail EA Resource Room
Matthew Weidner e-mail EA ESL
Yvette Thrash e-mail EA Attendance
Tabitha Walks e-mail EA STRIVES
Independent Learning Center  
Deb Finnesand e-mail Teacher
Indian Education  
Karlie Cooper e-mail Indian Education Coordinator
Activity Directors (non CHS teachers)  
Merle Aske e-mail Activity Director/Girls' Soccer/ Wrestling
Steve Cogley e-mail Activity Director/Boys' Soccer
Kurt Drube e-mail Activity Director/Boys' Golf
Roberta Fossum e-mail Activity Director/Gymnastics
Bruce Kleinsasser e-mail Activity Director/Cheerleading
Brittany Konda e-mail Activity Director/Girls' Tennis
Trent Kurtz e-mail Activity Director/Boys' Tennis
Bill Martens e-mail Activity Director/Girls' Cross Country
Greg Murley e-mail Activity Director/Boys' Track and Boys' Cross Country
Gina Pirlet e-mail Activity Director/Competative Dance
Amber Engraf e-mail Activity Director/Flags
Chase Manhart e-mail Activity Director/Drumline
Kim Zimmerman e-mail Activity Director/Girls' Golf
Melissa Anderson e-mail Night Custodian
Zachary Boettcher e-mail Laundry
Levi Jackson e-mail Custodian
Lyle Johnsen e-mail A-TEC Custodian
Vincent Kenitzer e-mail Night Custodian
John Macrae e-mail Night Custodian Supervisor
Steven Marx e-mail Custodian
Kim Millum e-mail Custodian
Joshua Pearl e-mail Custodian
Jessica Simon e-mail Head Day Custodian
Jeanie Watters  e-mail Night Rover Custodian
Richard Weaver e-mail Arena/Grounds
Food Service    
Ruby Aldinger   Manager
Carmen Barbara   Head Cook
Diane Giblin   LunchBox Operator
Tasha Head e-mail Manager
Mary Horner   Lunchroom Worker
Lori Lipp   Lunchroom Worker
Kayley Luedtke   Head Cook
Alexis Malsam   Lunchroom Worker
Arlene Mardian   Lunchroom Worker
John Padfield   Head Cook
Karla Schlosser   Lunchroom Worker
Sheree Strid   Lunchroom Worker
Janet Weismantel   Lunchroom Worker
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