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CHS Girls Golf

2018-19 Varsity Schedule

Golf can be a challenging and difficult, but a very rewarding experience. Actually getting started is not all that difficult but if you pick up some of the bad habits that other golfers have it can get difficult and very frustrating.

The  Aberdeen golf team will let any one play. Tryouts for this particular sport are not necessary, anyone who wants to be in golf can. They have both  varsity and JV teams. It is also open to anyone  6-12th grade. They normally have practice  every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 4:00-6:00 PM after the season starts. The girls golf season normally starts in the middle of March and will conclude in May.

6 - 8 graders can be members of the varsity golf team if in that level of competition. All others will be encouraged to be a member of the JV/development team.

The level of competition in the varsity team is high.  In order to be fair of the goals of the  seniors who may want to be a participant in the golf team, they are expected to perform at a varsity level or be a major part of the golf program.

Involvement in other sports is encouraged that will allow them to become a better member of the golf team and better competitors. And also in the off season golf team members are encouraged to practice and participate  in leagues, tournaments, clinics and camps as well as working out often.

All players are expected to be at all scheduled practices. There are always extenuating circumstances that will come into play. And the players are always expected to keep in touch with the coaches at all times

Members of the Aberdeen central girls team are encouraged to have fun but also have their priorities in order.

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. School
  4. Golf

Contact info:

Advisor: Kim Zimmerman                                                                      

Email: Kim.


More information about golf...

Golf is a very simple sport and once used to the rules of the sport can be very enjoyable. The main idea of golf is to hit  a ball off a tee and get it into the hole with as little hits as possible. Though it can also get confusing with all the different rules and all of the "golf language" that it might be hard to keep up with it all. I will list some of the terms that are common on the golf courses below.

Approach – A golf shot that is made from a distance (rough or fairway) towards the green.

Birdie – A score on a golf hole that is one less than Par.

Bogey – A score on a golf hole that is one more than Par.

Divot – This is the piece of grass that is often removed from the turf when a golf shot is made.  It is common golf courtesy to
replace the divet when possible.

Driver – This is typically the golf club that is used for the longest distance from the tee.  It has little loft, but can “drive” the golf ball a long distance.

Eagle – A score on the golf hole that is two less than Par.

Fairway – This is the area of a golf hole between the Tee and the Green.  It is closely mown in compared to the Rough making it easier to strike the golf ball cleanly.

Green –This is where the golf hole resides.  The grass is very short and very smooth.  Once the golf ball is on the Green, it is typically putted toward the hole.

Handicap – This is based upon the relative difficulty (sometimes called Slope Rating) of the golf course.  It is the number of golf strokes a player receives.  The Handicap is designed to allow players of different skill levels to compete.

Hole – the target for the golf ball.  There are typically 18 on a given golf course or round.

Iron – A golf club that is made of metal and has a flattened head.  There are different lofts given by numbers for each type of Iron club.  The higher the number the more loft.

Par – This is the score (number of golf strokes) an expert golfer would be expected to make for the hole or golf course.  Holes can have a Par score of 3, 4, or 5.  Par for golf courses vary as well, but tend to be in the area of 72 strokes.

Putter – This is the golf club that is used on the Green.  It is used to strike the golf ball such that it roles into the golf hole.

Rough – An area outside of the Fairway.  The grass is longer here and it is more difficult to strike the golf ball cleanly.

Tee – The start of the golf hole where the first shot is taken.  Also, the name for the wooden peg that the golf ball can be place upon for the first shot.

Wood – A golf club used for longer distance than the iron, but is typically more difficult to control.  The head used to be made out of wood, but today may be any number of materials.



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